Flashback to 1998.  Two young, experienced, and passionate photographers anxiously starting their own business.  Wanting to photograph weddings in the style that they liked. Shooting from the background…unobtrusive but present. Invisible to the guests but ready for the moments.  Just enough beautiful posed portraits without taking over the day.  Documenting. Capturing.  Being creative and artistic.   Waiting for, seeing, photographing the treasured moments of the couple together, ones that show their love to everyone.  Allowing them to share those moments with their children or grandchildren…or maybe just relive an incredible day on a distant anniversary. 

We need a name, these two photographers say to each other…. our real names are too, I don't know...average?  A brainstorm session ensues - sorting through a bunch of names in their heads…trying to be clever and fun and unique. Something that stands out from the usual.

“Let’s call ourselves Gertrude & Mabel! “ 

For the next 16 years (and forever after) people will ask:

“Why are you called Gertrude & Mabel?”  

We are Gertrude & Mabel because we know the importance of photography for a history… for a personal record…for bringing back the emotions of a fleeting day.  We know what a great photograph means.  Like our Grandmothers, we appreciate the past and want to savour it.  Be able to relive it, be able to share it.  And we also have a sense of humor… just like our Grandma’s.  Perfect.

That won’t be confusing to anyone… nope.  They’ll think that these two older ladies that look like their Grandma’s are coming to photograph their wedding.  They’ll say, “Oh wait…your names aren’t Gertrude & Mabel…and you aren’t 80?"  Surely not confusing at all.

We know it might be a little confusing.  But you can read about the real photographers, Heidi & Judy, in “Our Story” – that will give you the details... the facts. Just know that Gertrude & Mabel is a feeling… a feeling of appreciating meaningful and beautiful photography.  Knowing the importance of history. 

And Gertrude & Mabel gals like to have fun!