Ulrica & Craig   Sweden

I just looked through our photographs and I'm simply amazed.  Heading up the Weddings section at People magazine, I work with the top wedding planners and photographers in the country.  I know great wedding photography, and my expectations are high.  When Craig and I decided to have a wedding in Sweden, we were so happy you were available.  You're exceptional for several reasons, you are both accomplished fine art photographers in your respective fields, which makes for images that capture life in an extraordinary way.  And you're open-minded, intelligent, happy, and joyful human beings.  But despite knowing all this in advance, you have knocked my socks off…. What touches my heart the most is the pure quality of the images, every frame is perfect and timeless in its own unique way.  Your photographs reflect the very essence of each moment they represent, and at the same time they're so beautiful.  They connect me to the love and pure joy we experienced on this rare day.  Through these images, I know how it felt to be alive in this exact moment in my life.  It's an incredible gift you've given us, and I'm forever grateful!

- Ulrica Wihlborg, West Coast Weddings Chief, People Magazine


Sharon & Francis  Bristol, Tennessee

As a former Art Director at Martha Stewart Weddings, I was looking for wedding photographers who had it all! Heidi and Judy certainly delivered with their wonderfully fresh approach - candid while feeling timeless, with a wonderful balance of both color and black and white. I also appreciated their professionalism, easygoing manner, and great attention to detail. Our gorgeous photos are memories for a day that sped by, and we treasure the moments they captured. Thanks, ladies, for a such fantastic job!

- Sharon Slaughter, former Art Director, Martha Stewart Weddings


Shoshana & Tony  Point Reyes

Gertrude & Mabel are the wedding photographer wonder twins. We wanted candid, unstaged photos with a few group shots thrown in for the family. What we got was an embarrassment of riches.  Capturing the most intimate moments of a celebration without getting in the way is no small feat. I don't know how Heidi and Judy managed it, but they seemed to be everywhere and nowhere at once, fanning out to capture a young girl marveling at a ding-dong cake, and me, the bride, peeking from behind a barn door, waiting for my cue to march. Their crisp, elegant photos tell the story of our wedding moment-by-moment, from the most quiet gesture to the loudest eruptions of joy. The day shot through us like a comet, but when we take the time to look through those pictures, it breaks and mends our hearts all over again.

-Shoshana Berger, Editor-in-Chief, ReadyMade Magazine


Ami & Andy  Peay Vineyards, California

We went through the photos and are amazed. You are truly fine photographers…artists, really. I have never looked so good. None of us have ever looked so good (or will again we fear). My mom has decided to skip the face lift and instead just hire you to wallpaper her mirrors with photos you took of her. She lost 20 years in every picture. Thanks again for also making it painless. I feared you wouldn’t have enough shots because I never saw you snapping away. On the contrary there are a lot and almost all of them original, not stiff and posed. Thanks for capturing what will be a meaningful and poignant memory we revisit throughout our lives. That is a special gift. Thank you for using your talent this way.

- Andy Peay,  Owner Peay Vineyards


Mimi & Richard  San Francisco

We felt at ease with Heidi and Judy the first time we met them. They are warm, friendly, quirky and entertaining. We knew from the start that they were the right match for us. On the day of our wedding, Heidi and Judy made us shine by being the professionals they are. They have a unique way with people. They are able to capture the essence of a person by making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

As we look through the photographs they took, we are delighted with the outcome. Heidi and Judy found a way to take beautiful pictures and at the same time tell a story with their lens. That was what we wanted for our wedding and that was what they delivered. They are truly remarkable women who are the best at what they do.


Jessica & John Sea Ranch, California

Working with Heidi and Judy was such a wonderful experience!  Right away we felt so comfortable around them and had total trust that they would capture the night perfectly, we were right!  The photographs are so beautiful, they take us right back to that wonderful evening.  They are photographic magicians, your guest will swear they never saw them, yet everyone and everything is captured!  They are more than wedding photographers, they are truly artists and we feel so lucky to have worked with them.


Stephanie & Philip  San Francisco

Heidi and Judy were a pleasure to work with. Throughout the planning of the wedding as well as the ceremony itself, we found them to exhibit that rare blend of high professionalism, great technical skills and down to earth, fun personalities. Both blended in the background throughout the whole event, made themselves flexible to unexpected changes and still managed to catch the essence of our wedding.  Needless to say, the end product is some of the best journalistic style photography we’ve ever seen.  We would highly recommend them.